The Smokin' Dobroleles hail from across West Michigan, but when they come together to make music they create a sound that is uniquely their own.  With influences from bluegrass, gypsy jazz, Americana, and even reggae, the Smokin' Dobroleles infuse each performance with high-energy and passion.  Their unique instrumentation includes Abe Kurzer on dobro, Mike Renna on resonator ukulele, Merle Seelhoff on rhythm guitar, Kittie Tuinstra on upright bass, and John Ellsworth on percussion.

Abe, Mike and Merle started picking together early spring of 2016 and with that, The Smokin' Dobroleles were born. Kittie joined full time early summer with some much needed low end and John brought the energy with his percussive tricks that fall.  Improvisation is a strong element in their performances and The Smokin' Dobroleles rarely pass on an opportunity to play or collaborate with other artists. They are highly focused on sharing their passion for the beautiful community that comes with music!

With growing renown in the Michigan music scene, they have performed with the likes of Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper and ClusterPluck.  Check out their shows to see when they are coming to a festival or venue near you!